Wager Your Wings Embroidered Hoodie in Black Champion Hoodie *Sample Sale*


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  • Size: Large
  • Mens/Unisex style, Champion brand, pull-over hoodie.
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  • The opportunity to purchase this beautiful intricately embroidered hoodie at a huge discount is as it is part of a sample run. It has minor imperfections that make it unique. You can find the main listing for this hoodie, also available in other colors, in our Outerwear section.
  • This hoodie will make your heart flutter. This racing themed embroidered hoodie is the perfect juxtaposition of nature and man. The racing checkers embody a wild, flashy spirit, as powerful as a Ferrari. And it is balanced with the grace, and humble nature of a butterfly.
  • This style is reminiscent of the 2000’s style trend.
  • Shop this original Unfit Fashion hoodie and fall in love with a unique piece of clothing that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Intricate embroidered designs on front and back
  • Email: Shop@UnfitFashion.com


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Dimensions 14 × 9 × 3 in